Resident Physician Disciplinary Matters in Hackensack, New Jersey

Managing attorney Raphael Rosenblatt knows how to defend professionals against complaints of misconduct. For years he has represented attorneys against malpractice claims for professional negligence. Mr. Rosenblatt’s passion for advocating on behalf of attorneys facing professional disciplinary proceedings also prompts him to assist medical professionals facing similar roadblocks in their careers. Known for his tenacious and fierce advocacy, Mr. Rosenblatt brings a wealth of experience in the area of resident physician disciplinary matters to Rosenblatt Law PC. 

Reasons for Resident Physician Disciplinary Action If You Are a Resident

If you are a medical resident or fellow, you probably are accustomed to achievement and success. So it can be daunting to receive notice of a disciplinary proceeding and even downright terrifying to learn you might be suspended, placed on probation, or even asked to leave your program. Mr. Rosenblatt is able to apply years of experience to such a trying situation.

There are several reasons a medical resident or fellow might be subject to discipline, and medical residency programs are unique in that they involve both educational and employment components. This often leads to confusion in the residency disciplinary process because a resident’s rights are not the same as the typical student’s but also differ from an employee’s rights. On top of this disjointed nature, many residency programs neglect to share the rules of the game with residents. Regardless of your residency program, you have certain due process rights that require the program to inform you before any negative action occurs.

Moreover, there is often a range of options for fighting and potentially resolving a disciplinary action. Mr. Rosenblatt’s experience defending medical residents and fellows gives him expert knowledge of the rules of disciplinary proceedings. Rosenblatt Law PC protects its clients’ rights by making sure all required procedures are followed before a residency program takes any negative employment action. You can rest assured that if you find yourself in a medical residency program disciplinary proceeding, Rosenblatt Law PC will fight to protect your interests.

Why Choose Rosenblatt Law PC

Rosenblatt Law PC’s professional clients, including doctors and lawyers, can attest to Mr. Rosenblatt’s dedication, knowledge, and fierce representation on their behalf. By helping countless professionals keep their careers on track, Mr. Rosenblatt has developed a unique set of outcome-focused skills and creative thinking to resolve residency discipline cases. He is well acquainted with the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education’s requirements and the requirements of each specialty board and uses that knowledge for your benefit.

As a medical resident, you devote your career to helping others in their time of need. However, medical school cannot prepare you to defend your integrity and livelihood. That is why Raphael Rosenblatt devotes his practice to serving medical residents and fellows in their time of need. Contact Rosenblatt Law PC to discuss your medical disciplinary case with New York and New Jersey licensed attorney Raphael Rosenblatt today.