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Rosenblatt Law PC is a boutique law practice with a focus on commercial litigation, legal malpractice and legal ethics, civil asset forfeiture, and criminal defense. If you are involved in a business or legal dispute; if you have been wronged by an attorney or are an attorney being accused of legal malpractice; if you have criminal or juvenile charges pending against you or your child; if you have had assets taken from you by the government; or if you are otherwise in need of experienced counsel, you need the informed representation and dependable service we have been providing to clients throughout New Jersey and New York for over 20 years.

Founding attorney Raphael Rosenblatt is a former prosecutor in New York. He was then affiliated with major Newark law firms where he got extensive first chair jury trial experience in complex commercial litigation matters, including: insurance, securities, consumer fraud, breach of contract, general commercial, and legal malpractice matters. He has handled numerous attorney fee dispute arbitrations, as well. As a former prosecutor, he knows how to handle all types of criminal matters, ranging from DWI and drug charges to assault, weapons, robbery, and burglary charges, as well as white collar criminal cases. Mr. Rosenblatt leverages his knowledge and experience to achieve successful outcomes, inside and outside of the courtroom. When you consult with Rosenblatt Law, you can rest assured that your interests will be fully protected.

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Commercial and Civil Litigation Attorney
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The contemporary business landscape is very competitive and no business is immune from disputes. Sometimes those disagreements can be resolved, but often a lawsuit is required. When that happens, however, it takes an aggressive and experienced trial lawyer to protect the viability of your business.

Rosenblatt Law PC provides offensive and defensive capabilities to individuals, partnerships, shareholders, and corporations across multiple industries. We regularly handle a wide range of business disputes, including:

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  • Contract disputes (breach of contract/warranties)
  • Fraud
  • Tortious interference
  • Commercial debt collections
  • Shareholder/partnership disputes
  • Consumer fraud
  • Deceptive trade practices
  • Trademark violations
  • Nondisclosure/non-compete agreements
  • Business dissolution
  • Securities matters/FINRA Arbitration
  • Antitrust/unfair competition
  • Business interruption
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Our legal team is comfortable in all venues and handling all phases of litigated matters. We are fully versed in procedural and substantive law and are fully equipped to handle civil and commercial litigation proceedings in state and federal courts, as well as in the appellate courts. Our experienced trial lawyers conduct thorough due diligence investigations, interview and prepare witnesses, and utilize e-discovery and state-of-the-art courtroom technology. We collaborate with experts (e.g. investigators, accountants, economic impact analysts) to conduct comprehensive analyses of liability and damages.

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We prepare our cases extensively for trial, and we are equally comfortable at the bargaining table. Regardless of the forum -- litigation, administrative proceedings, arbitration or mediation -- you will have confidence knowing that the lawyers at Rosenblatt Law PC are on your team and in your corner.

Criminal Defense and Juvenile Defense

Being charged with a crime in New Jersey is a frightening and life-changing experience: a conviction means the potential loss of your freedom and lasting damage to your reputation. The best way to protect your future is to contact the experienced criminal defense attorneys at Rosenblatt Law PC.

If you are a juvenile or the parent of a juvenile that has been charged with delinquency for offenses that, if committed by an adult, would constitute crimes or offenses, it is important to have an advocate in your corner that is experienced in the different rules, procedures, and possible outcomes that apply in juvenile cases. At Rosenblatt Law PC, we have experience handling all types of juvenile delinquency matters and we will partner with you to secure an optimal result.

Although prosecutors have an unfair advantage over criminal defendants, we have the skills and resources to level the playing field. When you become our client, we will explain all your rights through all phases of the criminal justice process, and work tenaciously to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

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We design defense strategies against a wide range of misdemeanor and felony offenses, including:
  • Assault and battery
  • Burglary
  • Domestic violence
  • Sex crimes
  • Traffic violations
  • Weapons offenses
  • White collar crimes


If you have been convicted of a crime or you have lost a civil case, it may be possible to appeal the verdict; however, your trial attorney may not have experience with the appeals process. At Rosenblatt Law PC, we have in depth knowledge of the rules of procedure in both the state and federal appellate courts. Our appellate attorneys also have exceptional legal writing and oral argument skills that are essential for successful appeals in all types of criminal matters.

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Legal Malpractice and Attorney Ethics

All practicing lawyers have a duty to provide their clients with skilled and competent representation. When an attorney fails to act in a manner that is consistent with the accepted standards of care and causes damage to the client as a result, the client has a right to sue to recover damages. At the same time, a lawyer who has been accused of legal malpractice has a right to first-rate representation.

To prove a legal malpractice case, the plaintiff must show the existence of an attorney-client relationship; that the attorney breached the applicable standard of care; that such a breach proximately caused (or was a substantial factor in causing) actual damages. Legal malpractice cases are difficult and therefore require specific knowledge and experience. If you believe you have been harmed by your attorney, we know how to assert your rights diligently. Similarly, if you are a lawyer who has been wrongly accused of legal malpractice or an ethics violation, we will defend your reputation and your livelihood. Finally, our attorneys also provide expert testimony in
legal malpractice cases.

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Rosenblatt Law PC represents plaintiffs and defendants in legal malpractice cases arising from a variety of attorney-client disputes, including:
  • Breach of attorney-client privilege
  • Mishandling of client funds (e.g. commingling)
  • Failure to adhere to court deadlines
  • Violations of time limits and statutes of limitations
  • Misinterpretation of the law
  • Excessive billing and fee disputes
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Civil Asset Forfeiture

At Rosenblatt Law PC, we provide counsel to clients and to other criminal defense attorneys whose clients’ property has been seized and subjected to civil forfeiture. With our experience and background, we understand the tactics authorities use to seize assets and will work tirelessly to protect clients’ property rights and recover what is rightfully theirs.

Civil forfeiture laws give law enforcement officials vast power to seize property if they suspect it has been involved in criminal activity, regardless of whether the owner has been convicted of or even charged with a crime. Civil forfeiture has increasingly become a tool that state and federal authorities utilize in drug crimes, white collar crimes, and RICO cases.

Assets subject to forfeiture include:
  • Cash
  • Cars
  • Jewelry
  • Homes
  • Businesses
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The attorneys at Rosenblatt Law PC have a well-earned reputation for providing our clients with highly skilled and effective representation. When you partner with us, we will always put your best interests first and work strategically to protect your rights. Please contact our office today to set up an initial consultation.

Located in Hackensack, Rosenblatt Law PC represents clients in Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Middlesex, Morris, Ocean, Passaic, Somerset, Sussex, Union, and Warren counties and throughout all of Northern Jersey and the greater New York area.

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