Hackensack Commercial Litigation Attorney

Individual and business owners are frequently involved in disputes that rise to the level of civil and commercial litigation. Whether you seek to enforce your rights under an agreement, need to defend your interests against the claims of another party, or you are involved in any other business dispute, it is crucial to have an aggressive litigator in your corner.

Rosenblatt Law PC represents plaintiffs and defendants throughout Northern New Jersey and greater New York in all manner of civil and commercial litigation. Founding attorney Raphael Rosenblatt is not only a highly skilled trial lawyer but a sharp negotiator as well. He has a well-deserved reputation as a fierce advocate inside and outside of the courtroom.

When you consult with us, we will take the time to understand the circumstances you face and determine the appropriate legal action. Our legal team is comfortable in state and federal court as well as in administrative proceedings. We are also highly adept at alternative forms of dispute resolution, such as arbitration and mediation.

At Rosenblatt Law PC, we leverage our winning reputation to bring opposing parties to the bargaining table, however, we are fully prepared to try any matter in a court of law. Above all, we will work tirelessly to protect your interests and provide you with the first-class representation you deserve.

What is commercial litigation?

At Rosenblatt Law PC, our trial lawyers have extensive experience in straightforward civil litigation matters and complex commercial litigation. In particular, our practice is focused on:

  • Business-related litigation
  • Administrative proceedings
  • Insurance litigation
  • Injunctions

Business Litigation

We routinely represent our business clients in all types of legal disputes, including:

  • Contract disputes (breach of contract/warranties
  • Fraud
  • Tortious interference
  • Commercial debt collections
  • Shareholder/partnership disputes
  • Consumer fraud
  • Deceptive trade practices
  • Trademark violations
  • Nondisclosure/non-compete agreements
  • Business dissolution
  • Securities matters/FINRA Arbitration
  • Antitrust/unfair competition
  • Business interruption

We are keenly aware that a protracted litigation can be disruptive to business operations, which is why we often recommend creative alternatives to resolve business-related disputes. If negotiations are not a viable option, we have the skills and resources to successfully litigate any case.

The Litigation Process

Our trial lawyers will help you navigate all phases of litigation, including:

  • Investigation
  • Pleadings
  • Discovery
  • Pretrial proceedings
  • Potential settlement
  • Trial
  • Appeal

The duration of a case depends on its value and the willingness of the parties to enter into negotiations. Ultimately, a successful outcome hinges on preparation, with an emphasis on investigations and discovery, which involves gathering information through depositions, interrogatories and subpoenas. Our legal team is also well-schooled in interviewing and preparing witnesses, as well as utilizing state-of-the-art courtroom technology.

Above all, we act as honest brokers by determining the merits of a case and recommending the best course of action. If a court battle cannot be avoided, we will leverage our legal knowledge and advocacy skills to protect your interests. We encourage your active participation in your case and are readily available to respond to your questions and concerns.

Commercial Litigation Remedies

At Rosenblatt Law PC, we routinely collaborate with a respected network of financial experts to conduct comprehensive damage analyses. If you are seeking to recover lost profits or defend against claims of monetary damages, for example, it is critically important to assess all financial claims in detail. In cases where monetary damages are not available, other remedies include specific performance and injunctive relief.

In short, specific performance is a court order that requires a party to take a particular action, such as delivering goods or services according to the terms of a contract. When appropriate,  we also seek injunctive relief through temporary restraining orders and permanent injunctions. If losses occur as a result of unlawful conduct (e.g. fraud, deceptive trade practices), punitive damages may also be awarded.

Administrative Proceedings

In addition to our trial work, we represent clients in administrative proceedings before:

  • Federal agencies, including the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)
  • State agencies in New York and New Jersey, such as the Labor Department and Division of Civil Rights, respectively
  • Municipal agencies, including local tax departments and zoning and land use bodies

Whether a new regulation has been passed that impacts your business, a government agency is suing you for violating a regulation, or your business license is subject to revocation, you can trust the legal team at Rosenblatt Law PC to aggressively represent your interests.

Contact Our New Jersey Commercial Litigation Attorney

At Rosenblatt Law PC, we try to resolve disputes first, through negotiated settlements; however, we have a proven track record of achieving successful outcomes in state and federal court. As attorneys, we take our fiduciary duties seriously, and will provide you with informed representation when you need it most.

Regardless of the forum — litigation, alternative dispute resolution, or administrative proceedings — we will always put your best interests first. In addition, we provide ongoing counsel by developing risk management strategies to mitigate the potential for disputes. If you are involved in a high-stakes dispute, don’t delay. Contact Rosenblatt Law PC today to schedule a consultation.

Located in Hackensack, Rosenblatt Law PC represents clients in Bergen, Essex, Morris, Passaic, Hudson, and Union counties and throughout all of Northern Jersey and the greater New York area.