Expert Witness For Legal Malpractice Cases

Expert testimony is a must when litigating a legal malpractice claim, whether as a plaintiff or defendant.  The ultimate result in a legal malpractice action often hinges on the expert witness and his competence in preparing a detailed report and when testifying. In this context, it is wise to consult with an attorney experienced in handling professional negligence claims. At Rosenblatt Law PC, we serve as expert witnesses for counsel on both sides of legal malpractice claims, based on the circumstances.

When you consult with us, you will gain valuable knowledge and objective insights that will make a difference in your claim. Please contact our office today to discuss your legal malpractice case.

What is Legal Malpractice?

Not every mistake by an attorney constitutes negligence. Instead, to have a valid legal malpractice claim, it is necessary for the plaintiff to show that he or she was harmed by a lawyer’s failure to provide an adequate standard of care.

Regardless of which side of a professional negligence claim you are on, demonstrating that a lawyer breached the standard of care requires the opinion of an expert witness. For this reason, the individual you select to act as an expert witness must be well-versed in the legal standard for proving negligence in your jurisdiction.

This is where Rosenblatt Law PC comes in. Our legal team has decades of combined experience handling professional negligence cases involving lawyers in Northern New Jersey and the greater New York area. Over our many years of practice, we have achieved significant settlements and jury verdicts in legal malpractice claims, and also defended the rights of lawyers who were wrongly accused of negligence.

This experience allows our founding attorney Raphael Rosenblatt to serve as an expert witness. Mr. Rosenblatt has a well-earned reputation as a fierce advocate in legal malpractice claims, a reputation which he leverages into successful service  as an expert witness in the courts of New Jersey and New York.

In this capacity, attorney Rosenblatt not only provides expert testimony, he also works closely with you through the discovery phase of the professional negligence claim. Our collective efforts can help to gather the evidence you need to prove or defend a legal malpractice case. 

What Is the Standard of Care for a Practicing Attorney?

In some jurisdictions, the standard of care is established by statute; in others, it is determined by case law. In any event, it requires an attorney acting as an expert witness through every phase of a legal malpractice case. An expert witness can help to:

  • Define the standard of care an attorney owes to his or her client
  • Determine whether that duty has been breached
  • Assess whether that breach caused the plaintiff damages (financial losses)

Due to the complexities involved in pursuing or defending a legal malpractice claim, it is crucial to use all the resources at your disposal, including the opinion and testimony of an expert witness, to substantiate your claim.  Moreover, except in very rare circumstances, many states, including New Jersey, require expert testimony as a prerequisite for moving forward with a legal malpractice case. This makes using the proper expert essential.

Choose Rosenblatt Law PC To Be An Expert Witness In Your Negligence Claim

Raphael Rosenblatt is highly regarded as an astute attorney who adheres to the highest standards of ethical conduct. When you collaborate with him, you will have confidence, knowing that his expert opinion will help to establish “reasonable care” in a legal malpractice claim, which amounts to sufficient knowledge, skill, and diligence that an attorney should ordinarily have and exercise in similar cases.

Ultimately, demonstrating negligence requires a collaborative effort among attorneys, their clients, and expert witnesses. Although attorneys’ fees are typically not recoverable in legal malpractice claims, relying on an expert witness is an investment that will weigh heavily in the outcome of your case.  Similarly, defending a lawyer against a legal malpractice claim requires competent and aggressive representation supported by expert testimony and evidence.

Contact Our Legal Malpractice Expert Witness

A legal malpractice case that rises to the level of litigation typically requires an expert witness to testify about the applicable standard of care. The sooner you call Rosenblatt Law, the sooner we can begin collaborating on your professional negligence claim. We will leverage our skills and experience in legal malpractice cases to help you collect evidence and present a compelling case through our expert testimony.

As attorneys, we are always bound by the Rules of Professional Conduct, and our own strict standard of care. Our objective is to provide expert testimony in a fair and equitable manner, but that also supports your claim. Please contact our office today to discuss your professional negligence claim.

Located in Hackensack, Rosenblatt Law PC regularly provides expert opinions in legal malpractice cases in Bergen, Essex, Morris, Passaic, Hudson, and Union counties and throughout all of Northern Jersey and the greater New York area.